Website Usability, Branding, & Presence

Which website do you want?

  1. A website that is functional, organized, and easy to extract information from.
  2. One that has attracted the attention of many others, who mention it and have links to various pages.
  3. A website linked to an entity mentioned and reviewed by others, with lots of good reviews
  4. One that is educational and has lots of available tools and information, which changes regularly.
  5. A website that is somewhat ugly but gets high rates of conversion, which is whatever your goal is for it.
  6. One that is beautiful and makes people want to stay and look at it.

As far as a search engine robot is concerned, their priorities are listed in the order above, IMO. Google keeps its ranking formula secret, but you need to meet many of each of the descriptions above If you want to show up in search results. They are all important, but some much more than others!

Years ago I believed a website was like a billboard, and needed “lights, nearby roads, and directional signs” to lead people to it. That has become only a minor function, as a good website needs usability and function as a part of its structure, and there are many, many considerations as to its value to you.

Here are some of the requirements of a great website:

Your website needs to be findable, and show up in search engines.
Your website must have usability for Google’s and visitors:

Blogging and content creation
Keyword research
Social Media posting
Search engine optimization

Your website should have great content which is added to regularly.

Your website should have a goal and “convert” efficiently for you. It could be one of a number of desired outcomes, such as:

Acquire email addresses for a mailing list
Complete an online form or survey
Create clicks to social accounts
Cause visitors to watch online videos
Clicks that create online chats
Downloads of product specs or product guides
Grow an audience using a Pixel for remarketing
Build brand awareness and increase offline sales
Add to a sales funnel for a series of transactions
Educate and inform visitors about a cause or goal

As you can see, traffic may be necessary, but unless you convert that traffic to a predetermined outcome, it doesn’t matter that much that your website is “pretty” or that you have lots of visitors. Your Conversion rate is more important than the amount of traffic, in most situations.


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