Reputation Management

Have you ever cut yourself accidently? What’s the first thing you do? You try to stop the bleeding! Whether with a bandaid or a tourniquet, you have to stop losing your blood! The life blood of your business is your reputation, yet many business entities are slowing (or rapidly) bleeding to death, sometimes without even knowing their good reputation is bleeding out.

I recently had a client who came to me with the “symptom” of seeing her phone calls and appointments drop almost in half. She wanted to know what happened. Research found the cause. Most of their new clients had been finding them using Google Maps or Google search. In local search, they were in 1st or 2nd place in the Google “3-pac” results, and had been enjoying the bounty of high ranking and a 5 star review rating.

The big factor they overlooked was that they only had one 5-star review on their Google My Business account. When a easily offended client left a one-star review for a minor reason, their Google ranking suddenly dropped to an average of 2.5 stars.

As you’ll see in the graphic,

92 percent of people will use a local business if it has a 4-star rating
72 percent of people will use a local business if it has a 3-star rating
27 percent of people will use a local business if it has a 2-star rating
13 percent of people will use a local business if it has a 1-star rating

With the one bad review, new appointments dropped by over half. And even though Google is the biggest player, there are many other review sites that can take your business down quickly.

Steps to Take to Preserve Your Online Reputation:

  1. Do an audit of your reviews on various review sites. Yelp is one of the powerful sites, but your niche or specialty might have more reviews covered by industry specific sites.
  2. Adopt some of the many excellent strategies to increase the number of reviews on each site you have only a few reviews on, to build a foundation under your present average.
  3. Use a SaaS service such as Branded Web Presence offers which will encourage 4 and 5 star reviews, and offers a method to prevent 1 and 2 star reviews from being posted online. We can also use an automated process to contact your clients and give them an opportunity to leave a great review.
  4. Research your competition to see where most of their reviews are coming from and be ready to find ways to direct you reviews there.
  5. There are good reasons to monitor all your reviews and respond to each one, especially negative reviews.

The biggest difficulty in keeping up with the many potential review sites is that they are constantly changing, and most successful business owners find greater rewards in doing what they are great at, and not learning a whole new industry. It is more profitable to do what you as an entrepreneur or professional do best, and let someone like Branded Web Presence handle your reputation and review management. Then we can “stop the bleeding” quickly, before it affects the lifeblood of your business, your good name and reputation.

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