Digital Marketing is a phrase that is almost meaningless to most people...

Digital Marketing is a phrase that is almost meaningless to most people because it comprises so many different activities.

Which of the following best demonstrates Digital Marketing to you?

Creating a website
Blogging and content creation
Keyword research
Social Media posting
Search engine optimization
Indexes and directories
YouTube video marketing
Google Pay-Per-Click ads
Facebook paid advertising
Review and Reputation management
Press releases
LinkedIn and other business networking
Link building
Website error checking
email list building
Competition research
Inbound marketing
RSS feeds
Live video feeds
Online surveys
Online Maps optimization
Retargeting display ads
Real-Time Bid marketing
Geotagging images
and many others …

All of the above and more comprise digital marketing. As you see, there is more to do than any single person can accomplish by themselves. Too many business owners move from one fad to another, one tactic to the next, or one single-solution provider to the next without ever making a significant effect on their effectiveness. Here are the foundational elements that most businesses miss:

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  1. A well thought out business model
  2. Sufficient market research
  3. Well defined target audience
  4. A succinct business strategy
  5. A well crafted offer
  6. An understanding of your business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Great digital marketing should give you a great return on investment. It may not be instantaneous, but if done correctly it will build momentum until your brand becomes a force to be reckoned with. You need more than a salesperson to change your business. To accomplish this requires an experienced entrepreneur who understands business as well as marketing.

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