How often are you frustrated by all the marketing reps that call you, email you, and come to your office selling only a single piece of what you should be doing to market your business?

You get so many offers, each one claiming to be the ultimate solution. You hear about:

“How to get Google to put you on the first page”
“Buy ads on Facebook ‘we’ll show you how"
“YouTube videos are the answer”
“Hire our SEO expert to fix your website”
“Pay for Yelp ads and get preferred treatment”
“Blog your way to success”
“LinkedIn is the way to build your business”
“Buy a banner ad on our site”

The truth is, no single tactic is your complete answer. Many people hop from one fad to another, not realizing a complete organized campaign that powers up over several months and then continues on at a steady pace for month after month builds powerful momentum and begins to grow and expand your brand identity and your internet exposure.

What does a powerful digital marketing campaign look like? I’d like to give you a complete outline of what I call the “Ultimate Local Business Power Marketing Plan”

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This is not a made up dream. This is a powerful plan that many business have experienced lasting results with. You could pay a business consultant several thousand dollars to create a marketing plan like this. Why would I give it to you for free?

I’m not a salesman selling something I haven’t done for myself. I’m an entrepreneur, who is tired of seeing business people waste their energy and money on “silver bullets” and “one trick ponies” only to be disappointed again and again.

I realize that most business owners and medical practitioners who accept this detailed 10 stage marketing plan from me will never put the entire plan into practice. It is extremely detailed, and some of the techniques outlined take time and knowledge to implement. Most entrepreneurs would be best served by focusing on the skill set of their “best and highest use”, what they love to do and receive the highest return for.


Here some of the big advantages you’ll receive by accepting this report:

You’ll get the big picture of what a complete digital marketing plan looks like.

You will likely discover ideas for areas that you need to add to your present efforts.

You’ll get a great overview of what it takes to build a brand.

You’ll realize the strategies involved in combining different tactics to be seen over and over again.

What will I get out of it, besides the satisfaction I get from educating and helping others? There will be some sharp business owners and medical practice managers who will see the power of this 10 stage marketing program, and will want to see a team of professionals implement it for them. I have team ready to go. A small number of visionaries who are ready will engage me to fully implement the program. Others will just discover some missing pieces, and either take on the work themselves or ask for help.

I’m an entrepreneur, a business owner, and an author. I’ve been mentored by some of the greatest marketers of all time, such as the late great Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerilla Marketing which sold over 42 million books. I view marketing differently than most people. I’m a firm believer that unless you get a significant ROI on your marketing investment, you should be doing something different. I believe marketing should bring you new clients, and I understand that the lifetime value of a great client can be significant.

What is the value of a new client to you? Is it a one time sale, or is there a potential of future returns? Jay Abraham began his career as a marketer with a product called “Icy Hot”. He discovered that the average new customer bought 6 bottles during the first year. He also found out that even if he gave away the first bottle, it was a lucrative move considering they would be back for five more.

If your product or service is only a one-time purchase right now, it is critical for you to make the most of each sale, create a fan, and build your reputation and brand. Consider ways to spread the word virally with video and great reviews online. Make the very most of each interaction. You should definitely connect with me look for ways to build your brand relationships.

I don’t think you should do marketing if it is only an expense. Your marketing should be an investment that gives you a great return on your investment. I’m willing to give you a valuable report for free, knowing that a few sharp business persons will seek me out as a provider of a team that can become one of their greatest assets.

Don’t delay, fill out the contact information to get your “Ultimate Local Business Marketing Plan”. I’ll send you other articles and ideas if I think they are powerful enough to deserve your attention. I will not share your name with anyone else, and you can always “unsubscribe” if my business growth innovations come to often or you become too busy.

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This is a great day to discover new methods to grow and expand your business and your understanding of how to grow it. Click on the link now and receive the free report. It will keep you from wasting money hopping from fad to fad.

Let me send your “Ultimate Local Business Marketing Plan” to you immediately.