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Let’s get to the facts of why you are frustrated with your business. Which of these problems are slowing your business growth?

Finding new fresh clients for your business or practice is becoming increasingly difficult.
You’re constantly losing clients to lower priced competitors.
You need new ways of increasing referrals.
You don’t have time to strategize growth while staying lean.
You are so busy working in your business, you don’t have time to look at the “big picture”.
Most of your business comes from a single source which leaves you vulnerable.
You want to increase your market reach, but you don’t know which tactics are effective.

If you relate to even 2 or 3 of the statements above, take a deep breath and get ready for some relief. You’ve just connected with a team that has been where you are and discovered ways to find the blue ocean again. Forget about “one-trick pony” and “silver-bullet solutions”. You’ve found marketing help that understands strategy, innovation, and creative guerrilla methods to bring marketing solutions and long term business growth to you.

Let’s face it, whether you are 

in health care or operate a brick and mortar business
regardless if you have a service or a product business
if you are an author or a consultant

Your profession and challenges are constantly changing!

You’re about to meet a team that thinks outside the box to find solutions to your specific situation. The team at Branded Web Presence looks forward to finding out more about your needs!

robert bare

Start Sharpening the Cutting Edge of Your Business!

Bob Bare is an expert on the topic of innovative and digital marketing. He is a certified Master Trainer of Guerilla Marketing, trained by Jay Conrad Levinson. The author of More Power, an Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Success and a serial entrepreneur, Bob now leverages his knowledge and wisdom to assist medical practices, businesses and authors in their own growth.

Bob is the founder and CEO of SEGR Publishing LLC and is on the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations focused on making a positive impact on the world. Bob is a long-time Rotary supporter and past President of Dallas North Rotary.


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